Private Yoga

Private classes can be via Zoom, or in person at my office.

I love teaching both group and private yoga classes to beginners and intermediate students alike.  Even if you feel like you are “too stiff” for yoga, you are *actually* in the right place!

Private (or Semi-Private) Lessons

If you would prefer to take a private lesson (or a few!) before joining group yoga classes, that’s often a great place to start!  That way, we can adjust poses and breathing practices for your individual needs, abilities, and/or injuries.  You can certainly continue private lessons indefinitely or join a group class.

I do recommend a minimum of four private classes held once a week to begin to develop the practice habit and to begin to see the effects on your body, mind, and spirit.  Private lessons can be scheduled during any of my open hours: at my office, or via Zoom.

Want to schedule a class for you and up to three friends? Share the cost and practice yoga with your besties in a semi-private class! Please make a note in your booking to let me know how many attendees will be in-office, or online via Zoom! 

Private Lesson Investment:

60m class: $90 each or save 10-17% with a package of 4. 

You might wonder what “kind” of yoga I teach… Well, the simplest answer is that I have been influenced by many teachers over the years, and they have all “spiced” the dish that I offer.

When I say “Hatha” I am referring to movement-based classes that balance the energies of stimulating and energizing with the energies of cooling and soothing.  These classes will also include “Pranayama,” or breathing exercises, specifically chosen to complement the movement practices we are doing.  Meditation will oftentimes be included.

When I say “Restorative” I am referring to posture classes that utilize props in a specific way, in order to minimize sensation in the posture so that you can relax into the shape we are creating without effort.  In these types of classes, it is not uncommon to fall asleep.  We jokingly refer to it as “adult nap time!”  Restorative yoga is not about the “stretch” but about letting go.

When I say “Yin” I am referring to posture classes that focus on applying mild to moderate stress to the joints of the body (as opposed to the muscular tissues specifically), and in so doing, you relax the muscles in the target area, allowing for the maintenance of the health and usability of connective tissues and joints. Yin yoga is a wonderful complement to more active practices.